The Government has recognised the Metal Recycling sector as a critical industry, playing a vital role in the waste and recycling sector. We will continue to recycle responsibly, and it is vital S. Norton remains operational and plays its part in supporting the waste supply chain at this critical time.

As we continue to closely monitor the developments in relation to COVID-19, our top priority is the health of our employees, customers and suppliers. We must also ensure that our critical waste infrastructure remains available for the nation. We therefore have decided to take further steps to avoid transmission of infection to our staff and suppliers.

To that end we have made temporary changes to the way in which we operate. These changes will take effect from close of business 24/07/2020. This notice supersedes all previous versions (dated 15/05/20).

Our main objective must be to protect our employees and the wider communities in which we operate, however, we also recognise our duty to support our customers by providing a safe and efficient service, wherever possible. To that end, we have reviewed our current working practices and the following now applies:

Acceptance of material:

For hygiene reasons, S. Norton can no longer loan PPE to site visitors, we have therefore adopted a NO PPE, NO TIP policy. It is important that ALL customers bring their own PPE to site or else risk being turned away. Site PPE requirements are as follows:

  • Hard hat
  • High visibility vest/ jacket
  • Steel toe capped boots
  • Light eye protection
  • We will continue to control all incoming material upon entry to our Sites. A Site representative will greet your vehicle upon arrival and give clear instructions to the driver.
  • Upon arrival, we will ask the driver to stay safely in their vehicle, until instructed otherwise. We will insist upon and enforce social distancing at all our sites to protect both you and our S. Norton employees.
  • Should any of your representatives display any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus we will ask them to leave our premises in order to protect those on site.

Weighbridge & safe operating procedures:

The weighbridge will only operate remotely. All contact with the weighbridge staff must be by telephone. The site phone numbers are provided on the bottom of this communication and where possible will also be displayed upon entry to the site.

  • To maintain social distancing at all times and to avoid cross contamination we will only issue electronic documents and we will not sign or exchange any paperwork at our weighbridges. All documentation generated at our weighbridges will be emailed to the email address registered on your S. Norton account.
  • Additional documents such as your own delivery notes, haulier dockets/ tickets will not be taken at our weighbridges. Such documentation can be e-mailed to our weighbridge ahead of arrival. If you are unable to e-mail the documentation ahead of arrival, your driver will be asked to quote a unique reference number e.g. a ticket number. The reference number will be noted on our weighbridge ticket, linking our records together.
  • If we are collecting your material, our drivers will be unable to take any paperwork from the collection site, in these circumstances, if necessary, the documents can be e-mailed to our site weighbridge ahead of arrival.
  • If we are collecting or you are delivering hazardous waste to our sites, including lead acid batteries and Small Mixed WEEE, we ask that you DO NOT generate a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (HWCN). Instead, upon arrival, we will generate the HWCN and e-mail you a copy. You will then be required to complete any missing information and keep a copy of the completed note for your records.
  • After preparing the vehicle for offloading, drivers must return to their vehicle before S. Norton staff approach to conduct an inspection or to offload by material handler.
  • Loads will only be accepted if the material can be tipped/ off loaded by the supplier’s ownmeans or if the material can be offloaded by mobile plant. Our staff are not permitted to manually handle your material.
  • Once the material is unloaded you will be required to weigh-off, drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times whilst on the weighbridge.

Unfortunately, to reduce cross contamination, we will not permit any drivers/ customers to use our employee facilities. Alternative facilities will be made available at each site.

Please note: the turn-around of deliveries may be slower due to the necessary human interaction restrictions.

Payments & accounts

All payments will be handled by our Accounts Department, we can offer:

  • VAT registered customers – bank transfer only.
  • Non VAT registered customers – we have options to carry out a bank transfer or issue a BREAD card payment however, you must make our Accounts Department aware of your preference, you can notify them by phone 0151 955 3300 or e-mail

Note: we can only offer BREAD card payments to those customers that already have a registered BREAD card.

We will endeavour to make payments as soon as possible however; payments may be slower than usual.

Outside / contracted work

Where we have made commitments to undertake outside/ contracted work, you will be contacted by an S. Norton representative.

We aim to resume normal service as soon as the Government adjusts its guidance and we will continue to keep you informed.

Thank you for your cooperation at this difficult time.

Sitee-mail addressDirect phone
Liverpool – BankfieldLBHWeighbridge1@s-norton.com0151 955 3322
Liverpool – West Canada DockLWCWeighbridge@s-norton.com0151 955 3322