We offer a local scrap metal collection service based in the Liverpool and Greater Manchester areas, covering collections in the North West, North Wales and West Yorkshire areas.

We provide bins and skips for waste metal collection in a range of sizes according to your needs, and offer a competitive collection service for your scrap metal, with no contract or tie-in required.

You can use the scrap metal collection service for all sizes of scrap metal from small production off-cuts such as swarf to large metal sheets or rods.

Any type of scrap ferrous metal such as alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron or non ferrous metal such as aluminium, lead, copper, tin and zinc can be placed in the skips.

We weigh and pay for each scrap metal collection and provide you with all the required paperwork. Your scrap metal is weighed on our weighbridge which is independently checked and calibrated so you can be confident the measures are accurate.

Call us now to arrange your scrap metal collection skip:

Merseyside: 0151 955 3300          

Greater Manchester: 0161 872 0466

We operate our business to ISO9001 quality standards, and will provide a full audit trail including weighbridge tickets and waste transfer notes for each collection.

S Norton & Co recycles scrap metals and so by using our scrap metal collection service, you are helping to ensure these valuable materials are recovered and not sent to landfill. By collecting your waste metals for recycling, you are helping to save energy used in the production of new metals. This energy saving can be as much as 95% for aluminium, 90% for copper and 60% for iron and steel (Source: BMRA 2016). 

S Norton’s scrap metal collection service - Liverpool


Call us to discuss your requirements and we will arrange to deliver a suitable scrap metal collection skip directly to your premises.

When the skip is full, call us to arrange a collection. We aim to collect within 24 hours of a collection request. 

We will weigh the skip, analyse the contents and provide the necessary paperwork. Our prices vary according to the market, so please confirm current rates when you call to arrange a collection. 

S Norton & Co makes prompt payments for the scrap metal collections, usually within 48 hours. You can opt to receive payments by bank transfer, cheque or by pre-paid Bread card.


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